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Home Loans

Learn about structures, rates, interest only compared to principle & Interest, construction + bridging loans, mortgage reduction strategies and market updates

Personal Finance

How’s your personal finance strategy? kicking goals? This section gives tips and ideas on savings plans, budget controls, credit card management and all things that affect your finances personally

Property Investing

This covers our ideas on property investing and weighs up different investment strategies from loan types to property types. We also cover different cashflow strategies using property and market updates

Debt Help

Struggling to pay your debts? This section gives tips and ideas on how to manage consumer debts better. We also discuss options surrounding insolvency and demystify the myths surrounding some of these options


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how to manage your money

Find out how to manage your money the right way. By ensuring you are follow the simple 3 step approach to money management you can set yourself up for financial success. Don’t make the common money mi…

Why People Stay In Debt
10 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Out Of Debt

Top 10 ways why you can’t get yourself out of debt. We always make excuses for decisions we make. By making a change we can stop the main 10 reasons on why we continue to be in debt

Ultimate guide to personal budgets
Your #1 Personal Budget Guide

Find out how to implement the perfect personal finance budget in 7 simple steps. Don’t make the same mistakes. Save money & create wealth


About Us.

All Things Financial was set up to share our experiences and expertise to every day ppl. This blog is an addition to a mortgage brokerage and insolvency business we run and we believed that it was time for us to share as much information and tips as possible.

The opinions expressed within our website and posts are our own and don’t consititute as personal advice. However, we wouldn’t share anything that we haven’t done, advised a client to do or seen first hand.

It’s time that the consumers took back control of their finances and this website is just a small way of us giving back.

My names Andrew and I hope you enjoy the hell out of our content – if you have any recommended topics you’d like us to create an article on pls submit your recommendation through our enquiry form.


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